Eddy doesn't know what he's doing.

This day is Friday.

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Who sings better?

It's better to be a winner than a loser.

You'll want to see this.

What do you think is the best way to encourage Anderson to study more?

The number of tourists has increased greatly in recent years.


How much damage is there to the car?

Feminine logic is not always logical.

I had a headache, and I took the day off today.

Are you dating her?

Where are Kees and Marek today?

He is my brother.

I want to go back to Boston.


Muammar Kaddafi escaped unharmed.

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He got to school just in time.

I'm not here for you.

We have to use the stairs because the elevator is out of order.

She's the breadwinner in this family.

Living in a large city has many advantages.

Keep an eye on it.

I ran all over town trying to borrow some money.

Omar must've missed something.

His imagination bubbles with new ideas.

The price of wisdom is above pearls.

Salt is necessary for a cook.

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He had lost all hope.

The last thing Juliane does every night before going to sleep is set his alarm clock.

I could have killed you, but I didn't.


Was it Jack that broke the window?


Where is the entrance to the dragon's cave?

He is always preparing.

When did you buy it?

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I bought a pen like yours yesterday.

Steel production is estimated to reach 100 million tons this year.

Instead of giving Alex a nut each time he said something, she'd only give it when he specifically said "nut."

As I was tired, I took a rest.

It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says Yes and No.

I'd like stay longer, but I have to leave.

If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty.

He's not allowed to go there.

Simplicity is worse than robbery.

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The greatest predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.


I can't call her at home.

I'm going to teach you a lesson.

Don't spill your wine on the upholstery.

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Please answer the phone.

She is consistent in her opinions.

I would like to purchase some boots.


Spike stabbed Adam in the back.

No, I have a better idea.

If we consider the nature of our condition here, we must see there is no occasion for such a thing as revealed religion.

Can't you do anything?

The two people were shaking hands heartily as if they had not seen each other for years.

She kept him waiting for a long time.

Did Part mention any problems?


Do you want to stay here?

He cares a lot about his reputation.

Tell Miltos that I'm not at home.


What else could I do?


There seems to be no way out of this vicious circle.

He struck at me with a stick.

He got a new CD player yesterday.

Are you getting along with your work?

How long will it take for the letter to arrive?

She asked a very good question.

Maybe it was them.


I wonder why Ralf was late.


A typhoon prevented us from going on our trip to Okinawa.

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You need to attach your photo to the application form.

Matt's cat was carried away by a tornado.

This book really blew my mind.

Bradley is on his way to the hospital.

Don't you think I know my own father?


Konkani is spoken in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Joel is drowning in debt.

Darci kept Sid waiting.

After an hour of traveling by car, we arrived at the airport.

You need to see someone.

How did you get to the stadium?

The new president wants to whittle down spending on health care to a bare minimum.

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I know that it's difficult.

I wonder why Murray isn't here today.

I really like what I do.


Hazel ran like a scared rabbit.

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I like Toki Pona.

I walked along the river.

The investigation is under way.

He is rather optimistic.

He tried to overcome his scruples.

Shouldn't we do something about it?

Phiroze went to Boston to study music.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time, Sarah! Have you put on a little weight?" "Yes, lately I haven't been able to get myself to move around at all."

You're a hard nut to crack.


The whole country was covered with snow.

Sofia is aware of all this.

I don't mix business with pleasure.

I followed him into the kitchen.

We'll be back tomorrow night.

I'll buy what we need.

I rediscovered the importance of constant efforts.

We're all right.

Cris wants to learn French.

Cookie wagged his tail and barked.

At least I got something right.

The race went down to the wire.

Klaus takes a tablet containing vitamins and minerals every day.

Some parents don't punish their children when they lie.

I saw you kissing him.

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Daren and Sridharan stood very close to each other.

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I would greatly appreciate it if we could change our appointment to 3:00 pm on March 6.

Tell him to relax.

I went to Los Angeles on vacation last month.

Would you like me to go there with you?

You're not worried about the test, are you?

I wouldn't wish this to anybody.

That was a respectable performance, but it definitely wasn't sensational.


There's no way to waste more time than by learning Esperanto.

Malaclypse will explain the situation to you.

A ring and some cash are missing.

What would you want to drink?

Typhoon No.9 is approaching Shikoku.


I work for a firm of publishers.

Malus is obviously a little upset.

They will ask Hsuan.

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I had never seen her look so lovely.

Talking of music, what kind of music do you like?

Three children were playing in the park.

I wish John wouldn't keep telling everyone I'm his brother.

Everyone in the room laughed.

I will go to school.

You're such a role model for me.

Maybe we should switch jobs.

Barry took the broom out of the hall closet.


He didn't know the fact that everyone knew.

Malloy always wears dark clothes.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan.

Why did you break up with her?

We don't need that.

He doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem.

Oleg is being sensible, isn't he?


You are to obey your parents.

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I tidy my room almost every day.

Our cat fought with someone's else's cat.

Tickets are $5 for adults, and $2 for senior citizens and children.

I appreciate everything you've done for us.

This year we had more snow than last year.


Who is that lady?

Kimberly talked to me about Wendi.

Barry is down to earth.

Why do you love me so much?

I would have said yes.

I'm happy with the result.

Gail plays the violin well.

Clarissa had a stomachache.

I didn't see it and I didn't hear it.

His meeting began at five in the afternoon.

Keeping the suit on, Dima walked out of the changing room and stated that he wanted to make the purchase.

Do me a favour and shut up!

Thank Lowell for the help.

Hey, there's somebody coming out of the cave.

We have known Paul for a long time.

This is one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

They went upstairs into the little room, where all looked just as it used to do. The old clock was going "tick, tick," and the hands pointed to the time of day, but as they passed through the door into the room they perceived that they were both grown up, and become a man and woman.

The accident was brought about by his carelessness.

Marina knows where the meeting will be.

How did the meeting go?

Many software companies offer free versions of their products, albeit with limited functionality.