Sergeant isn't a speech therapist.

It's my call, Hillary.

I'm actually not sure how it's done.

He is as mad as a March hare.

They're lucky.

It is kind of her to show me the way.

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Those shoes have been reduced.

True love is like the appearance of ghosts: everyone talks about it but few have seen it.

I like what you're doing.

He trimmed his beard for the wedding.

Anatoly used to be drunk by this time every night.

What'll you get Sjaak for Christmas?

They roped off part of the street.

When was the last time you dreamt about Christie?

You ruined your lecture.


I made a pot roast.


How did everyone react?

Room with a double-bed.

Barry already left.

The stress began to tell on his heart.

I'm uncomfortable around people like Klaus.

Don't forget to feed the dog.

I'm going to visit him next week.

Carole asked Stan whether she'd prefer to go to the movies or just chill out at home.

Miriam had it all wrong.


Getting Darryl to show up on time doesn't seem to be a problem.

Subra is cold.

How far is it from here to the museum?

She kept walking about the room. She seemed too uneasy to sit still.

A good start is half the work.

Just give it a little time.

Before the crash, Luis had been hoping to become a professional tennis player.


This desk is too small for Meg.

Gill is here every day.

Mahjong tiles are very beautiful.

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She couldn't have said that.


There was an old castle to the east of the town.


This national treasure can be seen by the public only once a year.

Let me check your blood pressure.

What's your favorite song to dance to?

She has never seen him.

There's a bus here.

The Romans are famous for their aqueducts.

Charleen doesn't believe Sjouke. He thinks she's lying.

I shower every night.

How in the world do you expect me to pay this?

I never thought it would come to this.

Have a beer with me.


When you feel anger - just don't react.

I wish you would stop doubting me.

He was away from home.

Boston is the city I will be moving to.

I don't want you there next week.


Can I give you a ride back to the city?

I was at home yesterday.

Hubert closed his briefcase.

Eli never cried, no matter how badly he was beaten.

My third husband bought me this.


How glad I am to see you!

I was rear-ended by a pickup truck.

Except for the weather, it was a great picnic.

Richard did it as quickly as he could.

I can't afford this one either.

The noise caused me to jump back.

The idea isn't bad.

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The children amused themselves by playing games.


I told you not to do anything stupid.

I thought I was a train.

A Mr. Williams came to see you yesterday.

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It is the most artistic picture I have ever taken.

I wanted to become a philosopher.

Nothing comes easy.

Bernard looks really good.

Jenine didn't even seem to notice Dimitry.


Will you return this pen to me when you are through?

They are so irrelevant.

It'll do harm to you to sit up late every night.

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Attach labels to all the bags.

Those college students give me a bad headache.

The experiment was a failure.

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Anyhow it will be a good idea to hurry up.

Tomorrow, it will be cold.

After years of success he has come down in the world.

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The chair is far from the door.

Konrad has been a little depressed lately.

That was well worth the trouble.

Lana commutes to school by bicycle.

The empire expanded eastward, in search of resources for its burgeoning textile industry.


Edmond didn't stay with us.


Lester didn't want to park his new car on the road.

The story had a happy ending.

Does Rodent have to do this?


This is pointless.

The way you say 'funny' is funny. The way I say 'funny' is funny too.

January is usually the coldest month.


So I get no reception in this classroom.

I have spent my whole life here.

Shean is just right for the job.

Try as I might, I just cannot stay awake in front of the TV at night.

He who marries changes.


Hats are the secret to money.

If you tell her about it, then she'll tell her best friends and then her best friends will tell their best friends and then everyone will know.

He is my junior by three years.

Well sports day is over too, next the midterms ...

She heard you.

He and his brother are two peas in a pod.

When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.


The birthrate is rapidly declining in this country.


Why didn't I listen to you!

I entered a coffee shop.

What do you want to cook today?


This game is not bad.

We need it.

I've told you all I can.

Long story short, we failed.

Isn't it interesting?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rallied at the end of the day.

It's necessary for her to go herself.

We made statues out of wood.

Destiny is sometimes cruel.

Don't be so modest.

Our opinion is an idea which we have; our conviction an idea which has us.


Tell me who helped you paint your garage.

Despite all its disadvantages, it was serfhood to be the main of the means to keep unity of the nation.

He finally succeeded in climbing that mountain.


I don't know what else to tell you.

That colour doesn't look good on me.

Dewey seems reliable.

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The roads of Istanbul are crowded.


I know this will work.

The discussion will be continued tomorrow morning.

Billie made me something to eat.


Do you like spinach?


Has the plumber found the source of the trouble?

I visit him every other day.

How long have you been living on Park Street?

I've spoken to Elizabeth about it.

Please let me set the record straight.


He is very busy writing to his friends.


You were mine.

The sun sometimes shone.

We tried to do something about it.


Bob fell asleep just as the movie started.


Lord and Nicolas both got out of the car.


Mick is Leora's former husband.

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His high salary enabled him to live in comfort.


I was on the road.

I'll check my schedule.

Did you arrive home safely?

Has Kris ever worked for you?

You've lost a lot of blood.

She left France for the United States.

Nadeem returned to the campsite.

Ricky wondered if Daryl could speak French.

There may be more questions later.

She doesn't understand me.

This steak is too tough.

Bring on the long weekend!

I thought that he was a physician.

We invited him to the dinner party.

I got Tammy a soccer ball for his birthday.